In 2020 we partnered with 17Strong and raised $7,309.43

What is Cape Cares?

Cape Cares is a big part of what Cape Cod Eatery & Taphouse is. The most important thing to the owners when we opened this restaurant was to give back to the community in a big big way. Cape Cares was launched because of this. Cape Cares supports non-profit organizations within the community. Every quarter the community will vote on a non-profit that is near and dear to them in the community. At the end of the quarter, we will select the winner chosen by you to get behind for 3 solid months.

This is not your typical “let’s round-up” campaign. Each quarter we will fully get behind the non-profit selected. Our goals are to raise awareness for the cause, help initiate local engagement, raise money for the organization and so much more. Whether you need our help with raising money, marketing, finance, business consulting, or just awareness we got you covered!

To inquire or learn more about the program, please email Sabrina at